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Statement Regarding Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care Release of
April 27, 2009

IPO, along with Ontario’s Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care, believes in a safe, fair and transparent drug system for health-care practitioners and Ontario taxpayers alike.  As such, we do not condone any of the alleged illegal activities of a few industry participants outlined in a press release from the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care earlier this week.

There are more than 10,000 hard-working Pharmacists in Ontario, who operate in accordance with Ontario regulations and in the public’s best health interest.  In fact, according to research conducted by Ipsos-Reid in 2008, the majority of Ontarians trust their pharmacist above all other health care providers to provide them with information about their medications, and agree that pharmacists place patients health before economic gain.

We believe that it is also important to state that, particularly during the current challenging economic times, any suggestion that pharmacist compensation is not transparent and above-board does a disservice to the thousands of pharmacists working in communities across the province and the millions of patients they serve every day.

Numerous IPO members have expressed concern regarding the comment from Ontario’s Health Minister that “the province is working on a process to eliminate the professional allowances.”

As a result of the current unbalanced remuneration by the Ontario Drug Benefit Plan, independent pharmacists have been relying on the professional allowances they receive from generic drug manufacturers. These professional allowances are re-invested back into their pharmacy businesses in order to provide direct patient-care services.  The allowances, along with direct patient-care services they provide for, are then reported back to the government on a regular basis as prescribed by Ontario regulations.   

Until a more balanced system is reached, Ontario’s independent pharmacists are committed to continue to cooperate with the Ministry of Health in order to achieve a more balanced and fair remuneration for the services independent pharmacists provide and to ensure high integrity in the drug delivery system.

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