Bill 102 -What IPO is Doing

The Independent Pharmacists Association of Ontario is urging Ontario Government politicians and Ministry of Health officials to review and revise key elements of TDSPA, with greater consideration for the province’s independent pharmacies. 

 The Ontario Government must begin to recognize the unique and troubling situation the new law and its regulatory regime has placed on Independent pharmacists.

What Independent pharmacists can  do

 Independent Pharmacists must seek commitments from legislators and officials

IPO leadership is continuing to reach out to government officials and decision makers, urging changes to the new regulations.

 We are calling on legislators and policy makers to consider the following policy changes

  • Remove the burdensome requirement for pharmacy reporting.
  • Remove the 8 categories of service and allow smaller independents to use the rebates to offset the cost of counseling, delivery and Pharmacist or technician salaries.
  • Introduce real time price updating to cover the cost of drug inventories
  • Increase the regulated dispensary fee from $7.00 to $11.46 to reflect actual dispensing costs.
  • Recognize that the TDSPA (Bill 102) and the Meds Check program have had a dramatic and negative impact on Independent Pharmacists across the province.

Our goal is to encourage the Ontario Government to embark on a new pathway and and make amendments to the TDSPA that will allow IPO members to continue providing pharmacy services to their customers and their communities

Independent Pharmacists’ stories need to be heard and understood

 The IPO Leadership has begun to share the plight of Independent Pharmacists with government officials.

 Independent Pharmacists can greatly increase the impact of this outreach.  Let the IPO know (in detail) how the new regulations have affected your pharmacy and the public health services you provide, so we can better explain the impact of TDSPA to Ontarians. Please This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it to the IPO Board with “My Story” in the header.

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